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Every classroom at Waimalu Elementary School has an interactive Smart Board. A Smart Board is a device that utilizes touch detection to control computer programs, apps and websites that are projected onto a large white board. Classrooms utilize Smart Boards to deliver content, and to engage students with a variety of interactive lessons.


One to One Devices

Waimalu Elementary School has been fortunate to provide a 1:1 (One-to-One) computer device for each student to use in class. Students enrolled in kindergarten and first grade use tablet technology, while students in second through sixth grade work with Chromebooks. 1:1 devices help to facilitate skill and content with both our ELA Wonder’s program and our math programs.


Computer Lab

Waimalu Elementary currently has a computer lab allowing students to use a Mac platform. Online programs are accessible as well as specialized software for students to use to work on projects. Afterschool clubs also utilize the computer lab.