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Addressing Concerns

Waimalu Elementary School



Waimalu Elementary School’s faculty, staff and administration values parents and families as an integral partner in educating our students. Should any concerns or issues arise, the following protocol is provided to assist our parents and families in the resolution process.


Communicate the Issue to School

Parents and/or family members may experience a concern. However school staff may not be aware of the issues. Please bring this issue to the school’s attention for assistance in reaching a resolution. Options for bringing such concerns to our attention include “in person”, phone call, or written correspondence.


Who to Contact

In most cases, we recommend speaking directly to your child’s teacher or counselor. However, should there be instances where you are unable to reach the teacher or counselor, or you feel the matter needs the attention of the principal, you may contact the school office and ask for the principal directly.



As part of the resolution process, follow up correspondence from the school will be provided. Depending on the nature of the issue and who was assisting in the resolution process, a teacher, counselor, and/or principal would be the typical individuals who will be following up with the resolution. Correspondence in reaching a resolution may be in the form of a meeting, phone call, or written correspondence.



School Level Appeal

If the resolution was not a satisfactory outcome, parents and families may contact the principal, Mr. Iwamoto, at 307-4500 for further assistance.


District Level Appeal

If school level resolution was not a satisfactory outcome, parents and family may contact the Complex Area Superintendent (CAS), Mr. John Erickson at 833-6854 for further assistance.


State Level Appeal

If school district level resolution was not a satisfactory outcome, parents and family may contact the DOE’s Deputy Superintendent, Mr. Ron Nozoe, at 586-3313 for further assistance.