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Extended Learning Opportunities

We are excited to offer Extended Learning Opportunities to our students once again.  Our ELOs, also referred to as after school clubs, have restarted in November 2023.  The flyers below give an idea of the types of ELOs as well as their schedules.
 Additionally, our students may participate in these extracurricular opportunities during the school day:
Junior Police Officer (JPO)
The Junior Police Officer program (JPO) is sponsored by the Honolulu Police Department. Fifth and sixth grade students selected by their teachers and JPO advisors provide assistance with student safety at designated points around campus. JPOs encourage students to follow the Waimalu Pledge of Taking Care of Yourself, Taking Care of Each Other and Taking Care of our School. Students in good standing may apply to be a JPO at the start of each school year.
Student Council
Student Council members are provided leadership opportunities to plan and run school-wide student activities and to assist in other school-wide events.  Student Council positions may include the following student roles:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, SCC Student Representatives, and Class Representatives.  Most student council positions are chosen the previous school year via student voting, with voting open to grades 3-4-5. Student council members are expected to keep up with academic expectations, maintain good behavioral standing, and follow all GLOs.