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1. Birth Certificate


2. Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance must:

  • Include date given and date read
  • Have a negative reading in MM’s
  • Be dated within 1 year of initial entry in a Hawaii school

3. Student Health Record (Form 14) must:

  • Include a physical examination dated within 1 year
  • Include immunization record

4. Proof of Residency (must present the following):

  • Current rental/lease agreement in parent/guardian’s name 
  • Current utility bill (water, electric, gas, telephone (land line), or cable in parent/guardian’s name


If living with a relative/friend, a notarized statement must be provided:

  • Statement by relative/friend that the parent/legal guardian and child are living with them including the name of relative/friend; address of relative/friend; signature of relative/friend and a copy of relative/friend’s proof of legal residency must be attached (i.e. utility bill, lease agreement, etc. in relative/friends’ name)