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School Community Council

In Session Laws of Hawaii (SLH) 2004, the legislature passed Act 51 as amended by Act 221. This law established a school community council (SCC) for each of Hawaii’s public schools.  School community councils are forums for exchanging ideas about how to improve student achievement among the school's stakeholders: administration, faculty, staff, parents, students and community members.  School community councils are a major part of the overall leadership structure at each school.  They are a group of people who are elected by their peers to advise the principal on specific matters that affect student achievement and school improvement.  Their primary role is to participate in the process to ensure that the needs of all students are specifically addressed in the overall education plan for the school.


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Waimalu Elementary School

School Community Council


I. Call to Order

  • Introductions and roles

II. Old Business


III. New Business

A. Strive HI Results

  • Language Arts 52%, Math 42%, Science 43% - scores went down but not too far behind the state percentages.

  • Bright Spots - 90% 3rd Graders are reading on grade level.

  • Chronic Absenteeism has gone down.

  • 64% EL students are on track with their growth projection.

  • 15% students are EL.

IV. Reports

A. Students


B. Parents 

  • As a parent of a student who is in Special Education has seen that inclusion has been really beneficial.  Being with peers has been able to model after other students in his class. Her son being in inclusion has also helped the other students be more inclusive.

C. Classified

  • New payroll system PayX was planned to have started in early October, however, it was postponed due to some issues that needed to be resolved with the system.  Projected date unknown.

  • All systems are being switched over to newer systems as old systems are outdated.

D. Certificated

  • Sped teachers are struggling.  Need help with understanding how to take data for the IEP goals, how to run the IEP and Re-evaluation meetings.  Setting up time to get training, especially for new teachers, would be most beneficial to them.

    • State has created a program for first to second year Sped teachers a mentor.

E. Administration

  • Project Based Learning - Complex wants to focus on getting better at.  We are a little bit ahead of other schools because we have a good foundation but trying to get better at it.  Teachers this past summer have gone to different workshops on PBL (Mid-Pacific Institute and PBLWorks has sponsored it). We are going to be sending some teachers that went to the workshops during the summer, out of state this year to Philadelphia for a conference and another group to San Diego for a conference as well.  Teachers have been wanting to make changes to PBL to make it more engaging for the students.

  • Projections for Next School Year - not approved yet.

  • STEM Science Parent Night a month ago went well.  Used the Hardware Science company again. Did shifts this time (half eats and the other half does the project and then vice versa).  All the volunteer teachers and staff were so helpful, we had a lot. Just want the parents here to connect with us.

  • Next Friday, November 1 is PD Day starting at 8am.  Invitation! All the teachers that went to the summer workshops for PBL will be sharing what they’ve learned on this day.  3 break out sessions start at 9:10am.  

F.  Community

  • Cary is able to ask HawaiiUSA FCU to help monetary wise for any projects or parent nights.

V. Cares, Concerns, Compliments

  • Teachers and staff are working very hard to make and do the best for our kids!

  • Let Cary know about any projects we are doing, so they can help monetary wise and with supplies etc.

VI. Adjourn