Waimalu Elementary

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Aloha Waimalu Ohana,

I would like to start by welcoming the newest member of our ohana.  Ms. Laryce Visitacion started in January of this year, and is working alongside Mrs. Melanie Calleon in our Pre-K classroom.  Ms. Visitacion is a recent graduate of University of Hawaii-West Oahu.

Throughout the year, we have been working on trying to make learning more relevant for our students.  Relevance will help make learning more meaningful and engaging. The end goal of all of our efforts is to prepare our students for life after Waimalu Elementary School.  Preparing our students includes both academic and social and emotional learning.

At our professional development day on February 14, our students had the opportunity to hear from two of our former students, who are now in their senior years of high school.  It was interesting to hear that for both of our former students, the things they remember most and say they learned the most from were activities that they “owned”, activities that they were able to create from scratch.  Often mentioned were market day, career day, and field trips. We also asked them how do we keep our students engaged? The answer they gave was “ask them” how they want to learn.

They’re presentation reminds us that students need to feel empowered in what and how they learn.  This will help to ensure that they are engaged, and enjoy coming to school. Please know that we are committed to providing a total experience for your child.  We focus on reading, writing, and math, but also focus on social and emotional learning. We also try to provide the best learning environment to meet the individual needs of each student.

We are also trying to get our community to help us provide learning opportunities for our students.  Some of the businesses that have been involved with our school include The Audio Visual Company (AVCO), HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, and The Custom Company. 

If you would like to provide any input as to how we can create

a more relevant learning experience for our students, or have any other

concern, please feel free to stop and talk to me.  If I am unavailable, our

secretary, Mrs. Kacie Higa can help you set up an appointment.


Mr. Iwamoto, Principal